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Looking for a good romance novel? Try a dose male sex appeal straight from the outback.

Thaddeus Nolan is the quintessential alpha male. Drop a pampered rich girl into the Australian outback, add a healthy dose of male sex appeal with no time or patience for the demands of a woman wearing high heels, and you either get a serious battle of wills or a firestorm of chemistry. A mix-up in travel plans thrusts Chelsea Bowden of Boston into the midst of a group of uncouth men set to journey through the Australian desert, guided by the disturbingly attractive Thaddeus Nolan. Expecting the amenities of a posh Sydney hotel suite, Chelsea finds herself instead having to bear up to the rigors of a life that is altogether unfamiliar to her. She suffers the swarming flies, punishing heat, masses of mosquitoes, and a backside bruised from being forced to travel by camel, yet still the desert manages to captivate her with its beauty and mystery. Under a relentless sun, through the trials of an unforgiving land, she comes to know herself like never before. And she realizes that she is engaged to the wrong man. It’s Thaddeus Nolan she wants, the rugged outdoorsman who doesn’t fit into her circle of society.

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What Others Are Saying:

★★★★★ Beautiful Love Story. A romantic story usually involves only two people, and for A Man Worthy (Romance) Australian safari guide Thaddeus Nolan and American financial analyst Chelsea Bowden are the two lovers. But, there are other “loves” in this love story, that for lack of a better word, I have to call a “pentangle”. The Australian outback, a dingo named Buckie and a camel named Cornelius are active participants in this romance.

This is the second book by Cassandra Ormand that I have read and once again, she did not disappoint. The first one was A Lover’s Moon (Romance) wherein the love story took place in the South Dakota Badlands. The two books are similar in the sense that Ms. Ormand’s description of the setting is so compelling that you can actually feel the heat and the insect bites, the roughness of the stones and most of all, you can see the beauty of the place in your mind’s eye.

And that’s only the bonus! The real meat is the love story itself. Cassandra Ormand gives you the POV of both lovers. Hence, as a reader, you can identify with the character. Add the fact that the characters are so fleshed out nicely, even the supporting ones, there really is a lot to take in and enjoy in the story.

This book is PG 13 due to situational drama of travelling in the Australian outback. There is one mild sex scene.

★★★★★ Great! The book was well written and interesting. the characters were fun and full of life. Thank you for a product worth purchasing.

★★★★★ Great Romance. I could not put this book down, I loved the twists and turns. Great adventure in Australia; which is heated up with love and the struggle between a man and woman from two different worlds.

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