It’s amazing just how much trouble a man can get into because of a flat tire.

Angelique Hunter is running for her life, hiding in plain sight.

Great Romance Novels

(Book One of Pennington Series)
Impetuous Annabelle Pennington becomes trapped in a scheme of thievery and cunning, the pawn of a jewel thief, and victim of her own heart.

Great Historical Romance Novels

(Book Two of Pennington Series)
Will Noble Winfield be the biggest adventure of her life? Or the biggest mistake?

Best Romance Novels

When popular romance author Carson Sawyer learns that the spokesman for the Traditional Seminole plans to sue her, she decides to travel to South Florida to convince him to drop the case. She doesn’t expect him to be quite so dynamic, intelligent, generous, or gorgeous.

Great Historical Romance Novels

When a beautiful, helpless waif stumbles upon his doorstep, British born millionaire Christopher Standeven is too kind not to take her in.

Alpha Male Contemporary Romance

Drop a pampered rich girl into the Australian outback, add a healthy dose of male sex appeal with no time or patience for the demands of a woman wearing high heels, and you either get a serious battle of wills or a firestorm of chemistry.

Best Romance Books

Maia Ellard finds more than she bargains for in a man named Clint Catches.

A feisty schoolteacher and a headstrong business mogul come together, determined to make war not love.

Best Romance Books

For the past four years, Wes has been her closest friend, her confidante, the only person in her life who keeps her from being totally alone. But Wes isn’t willing to wait any longer.



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